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Learn about safe cannabis consumption during pregnancy, its use while breastfeeding in the postpartum period and how to incorporate cannabis medicine into your family's wellness.


Access the latest research and support needed to make informed decisions.

Cannabis Doula

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Image by Esteban Lopez

Shatter the Stigma Fundraising Campaign

The mission of The Cannabis Doula is to support women and families

who choose to consume cannabis by providing woman and family-centered cannabis education, support and certified cannabis caregiver services, in addition to holistic doula services and childbirth education. 


The Cannabis Doula, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.

We seek to educate communities and support families in consuming cannabis as medicine,

especially centering Black families in communities that have been negatively impacted by 

the War on Drugs and Cannabis Prohibition.

Image by Esteban Lopez

Holistic Services
& Support 

Yoni Steam

An ancient practice of vaginal fumigation.

ncorporate cannabis into your peristeam session and explore various methods of consumption for womb healing and relaxation.

Sessions are held in-person and virtually, clients receive herbs to continue their wellness routine.


Full Circle Doula
support rooted in the African 


Birthing families learn to 
incorporate cannabis medicine into their pregnancy and birth, using holistic practices to support a natural pregnancy,  childbirth and postpartum.

Virtual and in-person doula packages assist families in talking to their care providers, creating birth plans, choosing a place of birth, and exploring comfort measures and cannabis to minimize discomforts.


Cannabis & Family
Wellness Course

3-week online course focusing on cannabis medicine for daily use, preventative care, and acute care for the whole family. 

Holistic Cannabis Consumption: Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Postpartum Online Course

7-week online course focused on cannabis use during the perinatal period, this comprehensive childbirth education course on cannabis helps parents make an informed decisions and helps care providers and families center birthing people who choose cannabis medicine.

Care Consults

1 -on- 1
Cannabis Doula Care


Family Cannabis Consultations

Individualized Care Plans

Various consultation
options include:

Phone, Virtual,
& In-person
30min to 1 hour

Cannabis Consultations centering women and birthing people, doulas, and families: Learn about using cannabis for Anxiety, Depression, Nausea/Vomiting, PTSD, Pain, Inflammation, Autism, 
daily use and preventive care, and more.

Doula Packages

The Cannabis Doula does not provide medical advice, however we do support families by providing education and tools to talk to their care providers and make informed decisions on cannabis medicine.

Course Testimonials

Image by Matthew Brodeur

This course was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed all the information and how detailed you are. The course context is great and easy to navigate and understand.

Image by Roberto Valdivia

I really enjoyed learning about herbs and alternatives to medication as well as what cannabis is used for during pregnancy.

Image by Jeff W

Loved the cannabis doula so thankful for your knowledge and even though it is virtually extremely attentive! Would recommend over and over again

Find a Certified Cannabis Doula

Connect with doulas who have trained and certified through The Cannabis Doula Practitioner Training and Mentorship Program, a six-month training program where doulas increase their cannabis knowledge and skills related to supporting cannabis consuming families and communities, implementing The Cannabis Doula Approach including methods of harm reduction, risk management, consulting and care.