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Melanie Julion, HCHD, PFc 
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Thank you for joining me on this journey. I was called to doula work after becoming pregnant while working at a licensed medical cannabis cultivation center in 2015.  Facing stigma and discrimination, I began supporting and educating women and families who consume cannabis, especially during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. 

As a doula, I've studied traditional and holistic birth practices, holding certifications in Natural Holistic Remedies and Herbs and Nutrition in the Southern Tradition for Pregnancy and Postpartum.  With a Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Studies with an emphasis in Family Social Services from Northern Illinois University, I've had the pleasure of serving and educating families in a variety of capacities through my business Happy Brown Baby LLC, where I offer family support services, doula services and childcare, and a variety of family-centered educational support, centering Black women and families.

I am committed to learning and educating our communities about holistic cannabis consumption and reclaiming traditional birth practices through The Cannabis Doula courses, workshops, and events.  I am a Certified Professional Interpener, studying the art and science of cannabis, a certified cannabis consultant and educator, with several certifications from leading cannabis education platforms such as Green Flower, Cannabis Training University, and Trichome Institute.

I'm a full-time mama of two happy, healthy toddlers and a medical cannabis patient, and certified yoni steam practitioner combining my love and knowledge of cannabis with my drive to support and advocate for the health and wellness of women and families! 
Join me in reclaiming cannabis and Shatter the Stigma associated with your cannabis use!

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