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Certified Cannabis Doula

Connect with doulas who have trained and certified through The Cannabis Doula Practitioner Training and Mentorship Program, a six-month training program where doulas increase their cannabis knowledge and skills related to supporting cannabis consuming families and communities, implementing The Cannabis Doula Approach including methods of harm reduction, risk management, consulting and care.

Nikkia (Keyz) Patterson, Certified Cannabis Doula

About Keyz

Doula | ECS Health Educator | Wellness Coach

Owner | CEO | The Indi Women’s Club

Service Area

City/State: Stockton, Ca servicing the Central Valley and Bay Area

Zip/postal code 95204


Business phone 510.768.8433

Business Email:

Business Website:

Nikkia (Keyz) Patterson is a Chicago native currently living in Stockton, Ca. She first found her passion for

maternal and infant health while studying Public Health at The Ohio State University. After moving to

California, Keyz wanted to expand her knowledge from prevention and education to intervention.

Currently, she is a nursing major with a minor in women’s health studies at San Francisco State

University with hopes of entering a midwifery program for graduate school.

In 2020, Keyz started her own women’s health business that focuses on creating health equity for Black

women regardless of gender assignment, expression, or identity. The Indi Women’s Club LLC examines

different dimensions of wellness to help clients gain access to tools and resources that will help them

sustain wellness over their lifetime. Moreover, as a certified doula and cannabis consultant, Keyz aims to

educate, normalize, and advocate for the use of therapeutic cannabis in women’s health, particularly in

aspects of fertility and birth. Her goal is to heal communities of color that have been ravaged by the war

on drugs by reducing barriers to accessing cannabis and improve birth outcomes for Black women by

restoring the cultural connection between cannabis and women’s health for women of the African


Keys completed The Cannabis Doula Practitioner Training and Mentorship certification program December 202, spring 2021 cohort.

Birth Professionals For Medical Cannabis

The Cannabis Doula™ Directory lists doulas and other birth professionals who support families in the use of medical cannabis during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and throughout the parenting and childbearing experience.  

The directory serves as a guide to cannabis choosing families in finding local doulas, midwives, and doctors who can best support them, who have personal/professional experience with cannabis,
​ and/or who advocate for the safe, holistic use of medical cannabis.

The Birth Professionals for Medical Cannabis Directory is 
currently being updated for 2022.


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