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Cannabis Consultations to Support Women,

Birthing People, and Families

Schedule a consultation for support, recommendations, research,  tips for safe cannabis consumption, and integrating cannabis into your holistic wellness plan.  

Consultations provide support to childbearing people, individuals and families interested in using cannabis to support reproductive health and/or wellness, preventative care, daily use, or chronic illness.

Is Cannabis Safe During Pregnancy?

Learn The Cannabis Doula S.A.F.E. Strategies for Consuming Cannabis to minimize harm and manage risks 

1-hour consultations provide clients with detailed information, resources, tips, and research that may be shared and discussed with care providers providing women and their partners the chance to ask questions about cannabis use during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Cannabis Doula Care Consultations support families in making informed decisions on cannabis medicine using evidence-based information and holistic support.

The Cannabis Doula Cannabis Care Consultation provide individualized care and non-medical support for individuals and families who:

  • may be currently pregnant, breastfeeding, not currently pregnant, but considering becoming pregnant in the future

  • use cannabis regularly, or considering using cannabis

  • feel unsure about whether cannabis is safe 

  • feel guilty about consuming cannabis while pregnant

  • feel fear or shame talking to your doctors about cannabis

  • hide cannabis consumption from close friends and family

  • feel afraid of testing positive for THC at childbirth, or fear of giving birth/pain in childbirth

  • may be trying to get pregnant and are curious about cannabis use and fertility

  • may be interested in using cannabis to aid in nausea or pain relief

  • may be interested in learning methods of consuming cannabis or tips for choosing the best quality products

  • seek support for reproductive concerns 

A consultation may also help families if:

  • Your partner is concerned about your cannabis use

  • You need support with smoking cessation

  • You have concerns about the impact of cannabis on the infant or nursling

  • You have questions about cannabis use and breastfeeding

  • You are interested in learning S.A.F.E. methods for consuming cannabis while pregnant

  • You are interested in learning about holistic cannabis consumption during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

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