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The Cannabis Doula

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Cannabis Education for Women and Birthing Families

Support our mission to provide communities with safe access to quality cannabis medicine,  family-centered education,  & holistic services to minimize harm & stigma related to plant medicine. 

We are raising capital to expand our services as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to support communities most impacted by cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs. 

Let's Shatter the Stigma.

It Takes A Village... To Cultivate Cannabis.

As the cannabis industry continues to bloom, people of the African diaspora are continuously being left out, and social equity programs are failing.  We are urging all communities to join our village and support our efforts to raise capital to further advocate for women’s reproductive right to choose medical cannabis,  safe access to quality cannabis for birthing families, and the woman-centered education, harm reduction, and care necessary for families to make informed decisions on cannabis. 

To date, The Cannabis Doula™ has run completely on donations of members, people in our community and networks, and has largely been self-funded.  As a small, Black, woman-owned, cannabis-centered company, we have not had access to business grants, or loans, or any other financial assistance due widely to injustice and ongoing cannabis censorship online which profoundly limits advertisements and marketing, and even education.  We rely on word-of-mouth, provider and community referrals, and women sharing their experiences with cannabis during pregnancy through postpartum—which is exactly why we need your help to Shatter the Stigma! 

By donating to our campaign, or in simply telling your story of how cannabis use has impacted your life as a birthing person—you can help expand the reach of The Cannabis Doula™ and help us fulfill our mission in providing woman-centered cannabis education, care, and support to families who need it most, across countries, communities, and cultures.  ​

Our Mission

The mission of The Cannabis Doula™ is to support and advocate for women and families who choose to consume cannabis by providing femme and family-centered cannabis education, workshops, events,  and a range of holistic birth doula services, culturally-competent childbirth education, and professional cannabis caregiver services.

Cannabis has been used to support women and families, especially for reproductive health and womb wellness, since the earliest known uses of the cannabis plant.  Due to stigma, shame, and racial injustice, cannabis was outlawed and communities who have traditionally used cannabis have been criminalized, our families have been torn apart, and our communities were ravaged by the war on drugs—the lasting trauma, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress is still untreated in many victims and their families.  As medical cannabis use is being legalized all over the country, and globally, The Cannabis Doula™ seeks to mobilize women, especially women of color,  to reclaim our ancient and traditional use of the cannabis plant; free of stigma, propaganda, and misinformation.

Our global mission is to reclaim and reconnect people of the African diaspora with cannabis, a plant that was spread all over the world, largely by our ancestors who were victims of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  Our native and indigenous use and cultivation of hemp, as well as our instinctual knowledge and expertise of the cannabis plant,  has survived tremendous hardship, and unsurmountable odds.  Our belief is that we must collectively heal to overcome these grave injustices, and Shatter the Stigma related to our cannabis use— in order to learn, grow, and evolve as holistic, and knowledgable cannabis consumers; turning poison into medicine.

Our Reach

Since launching The Cannabis Doula™ in 2018, we have have had the tremendous honor of supporting women and families, both nationally and internationally, from DC to LA to Puerto Rico, and in places like Canada, Mexico, and the Netherlands.  Through social media, consultations, classes, workshops and events, and numerous podcasts interviews, we’ve empowered women to address the stigma in their lives and implement holistic, safe cannabis use into their health and wellness regimes, and to support their individual families and unique communities.


Fund Our Mission & Support Our Village


All funds donated to the Shatter the Stigma Campaign will be used in the following areas.

  • To train and educate more women, mothers, doulas and cannabis caregivers to work collectively with The Cannabis Doula

  • To establish our headquarters and community wellness space to host our cannabis centered educational events, classes, retreats and services, including a child-care space and outdoor garden

  • To invest in tech, supplies and material needed for the facilitation of our comprehensive childbirth education courses, our Holistic Cannabis Consumption: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum course and workshop, and our Cannabis & Family Wellness class; and to make these courses, workshops and events affordable and accessible to all.

  • To apply for cultivation licenses and permits necessary for home cultivation of medical cannabis, and the supply and equipment needed for our indoor and outdoor grow operations

  • To globally empower, educate, and equip all women, centering women of color, on safe cannabis use, proper grow methods, and skills needed for supporting the unique needs of their communities


Our Village

​I’m MJ, creator and founder of The Cannabis Doula™.  I began supporting families with cannabis while growing medical cannabis at a licensed cultivation center for families treating a number of pediatric and life threatening health concerns.  After becoming pregnant and facing a lot of stigma related to my own cannabis consumption and cultivation, I began to commune with and advocate for mothers like me, who were interested in safely and holistically using cannabis as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical and interventions that are unfortunately common in our communities. 


Our village now consists of other birth workers, doulas and childbirth educators, mothers, nurses, holistic practitioners and cannabis entrepreneurs all committed to collectively supporting women with cannabis. Email me at to partner and support our village.

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