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Holistic Cannabis Consumption

Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Postpartum

Holistic Cannabis Consumption: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum online course focuses on the traditional uses of cannabis for women's health, it's historical uses in obstetrics, and the use of cannabis-infused remedies for moms and babies during pregnancy and beyond. We'll dissect current research, cannabis laws and regulations, and Shatter The Stigma associated with cannabis use during pregnancy. 

The Cannabis Doula, Inc. supports cannabis choosing families from a psychoeducational intervention model, and harm reduction framework, combining evidence-based cannabis science, childbirth education, and family life education to assist families in making informed decisions on cannabis.  This course is intended for women, birthing people and families, expectant mothers, cannabis consuming parents, especially those interested in learning how to use cannabis holistically and with intention to support the Endocannabinoid System for a healthy, happy pregnancy and childbirth. This course is also great for doulas, childbirth educators, and other birthworkers including midwives and OB-GYNs, cannabis educators, caregivers, cannabis industry professionals such as dispensary agents and patient care specialists who advocate for the use of cannabis by birthing people. ​Information presented in this course represents the most up to date research on cannabis, and is not intended to replace any care provided by a trained medical professional. 



Course participants are introduced to cannabis
as a traditional woman's health aid, plus you will learn:

The History and Science of the Cannabis plant,
and how it interacts with our body's Endocannabinoid System
Strategies for S.A.F.E. cannabis consumption for increased healing and
medicinal benefits during pregnancy through postpartum 
Cannabis Analgesia, and Pain Management During Childbirth
Language to avoid using when talking about cannabis with your doctor
Tips to avoid negative interactions with social services
Best practices for locating a doctor, or midwife,
or other care provider who supports cannabis use during pregnancy
Demonstrations and recipes for cannabis-infusions,
tinctures, topicals, and edibles to support female reproductive health
and consumption methods to promote family wellne

Course Features

Self-Paced and Live Online Course options,

Recorded and Live Presentations, Videos, & Discussions
Demonstrations, Videos, & Tutorials
Supplemental Resources + Cannabis Recipes
Recommended Reading List
25+ PDFs of evidence-based information on cannabis, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
Herbal Remedies + Holistic Comfort Measures
The Cannabis Diary by The Cannabis Doula

Course Enrollment Details

Enrollment Includes Access to:

Course Guidebook

The Cannabis Diary

Cannabis & Parental Rights Toolkit

 Discounted Cannabis Doula Care Consultation & Cannabis Doula Birth Packages

Access online learning platform for the Holistic Cannabis Consumption: Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Postpartum online course for six months

Access pre-recorded sessions and discussions each week!

2024 Live Online Course Dates

February 17, 2024 - March 30, 2024

Virtual/In-person Washington DC

June - August 2024

(Self-paced / pre-recorded)

October 26 - December 7, 2024

Virtual/In-person Washington DC

Course Enrollment Fee

Early Bird Registration - $225

Online Course Registration Fee - $295

Hybrid/In-Person Washington DC - $375

Sliding Scale and Scholarship Options Available - Email

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Course Disclaimer: The Holistic Cannabis Consumption: Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Postpartum online course is for educational purposes only.  Please consult with your doctor, and schedule a consultation with The Cannabis Doula or another cannabis specialist, if you are considering using medical cannabis especially during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.   This course is not a cannabis doula training course,   if you are a doula interested in training to support women and families who consume cannabis, contact Melanie for additional resources.  

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