The Cannabis Empress CBD Womb Tea

The Cannabis Empress CBD Womb Tea


A beautiful blend of gentle, organic herbs for yoni steaming, vaginal/peristeaming, and herbal baths.  For balance, rejuvenation, peace and relaxation. 


4oz jar 

4-5 Steams / Herb Baths


8oz jar  

9-10 Steams / Herb Baths


16oz jar 

27-28 Steams / Herb Baths



Ingredients: All herbs are certified organic, all cannabis is lab tested and interpened for quality.


11 Herbs + Hemp Flower 


This blend was crafted with love and intent, especially for short cyclers (menstrual cycle 27 days or less), for first-time steamers, and for anyone in need of a gentle, herbaceous, cannabis-infused yoni steam.




Only steam when safe to do so.  Please consult with The Cannabis Doula for a Womb Steam Consultation  for guidance on v-steaming and how to use this blend.


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