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The Cannabis Doula, Inc.

Parent Advocates

We are gathering parents, course participants, and clients of The Cannabis Doula, Inc. who are interested in supporting the mission of The Cannabis Doula and advocating for cannabis consuming parents and families in their communities.

Image by Jen Theodore

Planting Seeds for the Future

Parent Advocates receive cannabis and parent education to advocate for themselves and cannabis consuming parents in their community, helping to further our mission by sharing our services and courses with families who desire support in making informed decisions on cannabis medicine.  We believe that parents are experts in their own experiences and experts in their care, and parents actively advocating for cannabis medicine, research and policy, is an essential aspect of advancing toward healthier birth outcomes in our communities.


We rely on word-of-mouth.  Families sharing their experiences and benefits of our services and support. Formerly, parents have been able to send us emails and messages sharing their experiences birthing in hospitals in their states and various other details to help other families choose safe locations to birth while consuming cannabis.  We are taking this a step further in order to give parents a real say in the services and support that they need in order to safely use cannabis as medicine.

Parent Advocates Program

  • Join bi-monthly group discussions with other cannabis consuming parents

  • Discounted cannabis education courses and consultations

  • Free printed cannabis educational materials and resources

  • Parent Education Classes

  • Help to organize events and workshops with cannabis doulas

This is a volunteer program and advocacy group for:

  • Cannabis consuming parents

  • Parent Advocates

  • Parents who are interested in making an impact and learning about cannabis and family wellness.

Our vision for the Parent Advocates is to build a community of parents who support The Cannabis Doula, families who have benefited from our program and can support us in connecting with hospitals, birth centers, and families.  Our goal is to gather two parent advocates in each state by 2024, centering communities and families most impacted by cannabis prohibition, criminalization, and the war on drugs.

Happy Family
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