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The Cannabis Doula: The Transparent Enlightenment of My Own Rebirth (eBook)

The Cannabis Doula: The Transparent Enlightenment of My Own Rebirth (eBook)


The Cannabis Doula gives light to my personal journey through motherhood, using cannabis during pregnancy and postpartum, and my experiences working as a doula who supports families in the use of medical cannabis. As I reflect on my first thirty years of life, I must examine all areas of my life in order to move forward and to uplift my sisters as we climb, leaving not one behind.


I love nothing more than being a Black woman. To be a Black woman, one must explore the intersection of race and gender, or be crushed by them. To be a Black woman, one must understand the paradoxes that exist in the history of Black women, or else fall victim to them. A woman once praised and revered as the creator of all of humankind is now religiously hated, diseased and disrespected. I've come to learn and understand these truths in order to know my self and my place in this world. I had to learn where we have been in order to help shape where we will go in the future. I've come to understand how society works in such a way to limit the creation of Black women; our art and offspring. These systems can often prevent us from reaching our highest potential and cause us to pass down centuries of hurt, trauma, and anguish to future generations.

After learning about these systems and how they have affected my life, I was able to work on reversing the psychological damage and despair that I had inherited, learned, and created, by holistically consuming cannabis. This is my journey to discovering the medicinal benefits of cannabis and supporting women along the way.


The Cannabis Doula is the transparent enlightenment of my own rebirth. It journeys through the first 30 years of my life, exposing societal ills and offering healing and inspiration for Black women who consume cannabis through essays, journal entries, poetry, blogs, letters and self-reflection.


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